Artfully blurred photo of Patricia Simpson.

Dear Reader—

With violence shattering lives everywhere, we all need to escape reality for a few hours. Let one of my novels sweep you away to a land where the good guys win, people fall in love (and stay in love) and anything—literally—can happen.

We all know what reality is like. I say enough of reality! Let's have some paranormal activity of the romantic kind!

And remember...


If we can dream it, we can make it so.

Let's dream PEACE.

Featured Books

Gabriel's Daughter by Patricia Simpson.A talented street rat in Londo City is warned to quit playing her music by a most mysterious man.


Imposter Bride - Kindle EditionA maidservant masquerading as her mistress is trapped into marrying the mortal enemy of a scheming Scotsman.


Whisper of Midnight - Kindle EditionA Scottish sea captain from the 1880s bursts out of a Mac as a hologram to help a troubled photographer.