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Start a Book in 5 Easy Steps
June 2017

Why Adverbs are Bad
January 2015

#1 Thing to Do Before Making Your Book Public
Sept 2014

Interview: Why Create an Audio Book?
June 2014

DIY Audio Books
April 2014

Take a Fresh Approach to Plotting and Get Amazing Results
April 2011

Review Sites for Romance Authors
October 2009

Self-Publishing: The Pros and Cons
September 2009

Perseverance: The Writer's Journey
January 2008

Characterization: Longing and Need Equals Motivation
August 2004

How to Get Published
July 2008

The Romance Writers Toolbox:
The Quick & Dirty Way to Write a Book

January 2004

Following Your Bliss
Speech, Writing on the Sound - January 1998

Keeping the "Fan" in Fantasy
Romantic Times Magazine - July 1997

Local Novelist Tells how She's Become an Expert at Romance
The Enterprise - April 16, 1997

Top Ten Booksigning Hints
Romantic Times Magazine - July 1997

Say...Whatever Happened to Those Immortal Rats, Anyway?
(Or Details, Details...)

HeartBeat - February 1995

How to Normalize the Paranormal
Tacoma Love Notes - November 1993

Self-Promotion: Tips for a New Author
HeartBeat - July 1997 - Art Resources