An awesome talent!—Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Lord | Forbidden Tarot Series 1

Fay Rae Lambers is caught between a dark secret and a demon. . .

Rae Lambers is over the moon when she inherits half a house from her mentor, Thomas Gregory. The property is a gorgeous Victorian on an island in San Francisco Bay. But the house comes with a snag. The other half is bequeathed to Thomas Gregory’s son Michael, a man she carried a torch for during high school. The last thing she needs is a brooding old flame who refuses to play nice.

But Rae and Michael must put aside old wounds when they discover Thomas Gregory might have been murdered—and the souvenir deck of cards from her Egyptian vacation could be the reason the old man is dead.

Rae believes she has unleashed the The Dark Lord of The Forbidden Tarot. And if she doesn’t figure how to stop the beast, she could lose everything—including the man her heart has never forgotten.

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The Dark Lord