The scintillating cover of The Miller's Daughter by Patricia Simpson.

For animal lovers everywhere.

The Miller's Daughter

Sentenced to burn at the stake for sorcery, animal-lover Merofled volunteers to help a warrior find the gargoyle that plagues her village and rescue the boy it has captured. She's going to die anyway. Why not do something useful with her last hours? Besides that, she has a special way with animals—which makes her the best person for the job. Off she rides with a local farmer and the handsome, war-weary soldier.

Merofled hopes that if she saves the boy, she might be granted a pardon. But on the quest to find the gargoyle, Merofled discovers that not every monster is of the four-footed variety.

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This novella is part of the anthology GARGOYLE, available in print and digital versions.


© Patricia Simpson