Cover of Whisper of Midnight.

“Very different. And very, very good!” —Ann's World, South Bay CableVision

Whisper of Midnight

A deafening computer surge, a burst of lasers, and he appeared. Was he a hologram, a bizarre energy filed endowed with manly mass? Or was he, as Jamie Kent dreaded, the ghost of Hazard McAllister, legendary Scots bluebeard, incarnate?

For flesh he was—over six towering feet of alarmingly sensual muscle and sinew. His blazing eyes devoured Jamie as if she were the innocent lass he'd murdered a century ago.

At first, Jamie backs away in fear. But she soon learns that the bad things in her life, including her dependence upon pills and her dissatisfying career, can only be changed by facing and conquering old ghosts.

But can Jamie Kent match wits and wills with the likes of this fiery Scot?

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Whisper of Midnight

© Patricia Simpson